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Dr. Ibrahim J. Issa (MD)

Consultant Otolaryngology

Endolaryngologist & Phonosurgeons


Fellow of American academy of Laryngology, Phonosurgery, and voice disorders (Portland, OR, USA)


Member of American Rhinologic society for nose and sinus disorders (USA)


Member of Jordanian otolaryngology association (Jordan)


Jordanian boarded in otolaryngology head and neck surgery (Jordan)


Degree of high specialization and master degree in otolaryngology, head and neck surgery (Jordan University of science and technology)


Bachelor degree in medicine and surgery (Jordan University of science and Technology)

Full bio

My passion to medicine started early in my life, although nobody in my family worked in this field before, I found in myself a great interest in being the first doctor in my family. When I go back in memory to my adolescence I notice an interest in surgery as well! I remember using my small blade to cut the dry skin over my foot nail repeatedly trying to imitate what the doctor did to me in the clinic; I wanted to be like him one day!

It was an unforgettable call that I received from my father telling me that I was accepted to join the medical school in Jordan university of science and technology (he did have an internet line in his office In the bank while internet was not so popular in Jordan to be present in our house and the result of the match were announced online).

I left Amman city the place of my birth and childhood, left the family house and started a new life in Irbid city in the north of Jordan to study medicine. During the six years of study I was rotating between the university, King Abdulla University Hospital, Princes Basma teaching Hospital, Princes Rahma teaching Hospital, Princes Badeea teaching Hospital, and Prince Rashid military Hospital. I graduated with a very good grade in bachelor degree of medicine and surgery, after that I went back to Amman for one year to finish the Intern training in Jordan University Hospital, after which I left back to Jordan University of Science and Technology to start specialization in Ear, Nose and Throat(ENT), I spent five years in King Abdulla University Hospital rotating between clinics, operation rooms, emergency rooms, and patients’ wards, I was getting my training under the supervision of my doctors who taught me the details of this specialty, and trained me on the surgeries of ENT making a surgeon out of me. I have also worked as a part time lecturer in the university for two years during that period in the school of medicine and school of allied medical sciences. In the last two years of my residency I was elected to be the chief resident to coordinate teaching and training process of the residency in the ENT department. After I finished the five years training in ENT I was graduated from the university with very good grade of masters and higher specialization degree of ENT, after which I passed the Jordanian Board of Otolaryngology head and neck surgery exam and I was announced as an ENT specialist.

After that I worked as an ENT specialist in the private sector in Amman for short period, during which I went to Libya several times with other colleagues and with the help of my teachers to do sinus surgeries, cochlear implants and other ear surgeries. Then I decided to leave to Saudi Arabia to start working in a private clinic among a specialized medical centers where I spent a year treating patients in the center and doing surgeries in the surrounding hospitals, through that year I passed several exams in Saudi Arabia and united states till I finished the requirements and was announced as international member of the American Academy of rhinology for nose and sinus surgery.

I was accepted after that to start a fellowship for sub- specialization in laryngology and vocal cord surgery in Portland. OR.USA in a specialized voice and larynx center. So I moved to the united states to start working and training on vocal cord surgeries and voice disorders in Dr. James Thomas voice center, Legacy Emanuel Hospital, and providence health hospital in Portland, I was sent for a short period to get some experience also in Washington state university hospital in Seattle. After I completed the fellowship I left back to Saudi Arabia.

I rejoined the team in Al-Alam medical center and resumed working in my Private clinic in Riyadh, doing most of the ENT surgeries and trying to concentrate more on vocal cord and voice disorders.

In July 2018 I joined Fakeeh,care group and started working in Dr Soliman Fakeeh Hospital and Dr Soliman Fakeeh Medical Center In Jeddah as an ENT Consultant, Endolaryngologist and Phonosurgeon, and started my first specialized voice clinic for the treatment of voice disorders among highly qualified team, and using the latest technology in this field, treating patients in the best way I know, trying to put the patient’s health and benefits as the main goal of my practice, asking help from God to improve my ability to relieve patients’ pain and to use my skills, knowledge and experience to the best of the people.